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"Only the Dead have seen the End of War." - Plato 

MIA#1 The Forest of Arstotkza

9TH JULY 2022

The border between Arstotkza and Livonia has long been disputed by the Black Diamond Rebels (BDR) and the Nato backed Emerald Tactical Group (ETG).

Historical records show that the small Town of Clark originally belonged to Arstotkza. For political reasons the border was pushed back along the ridge line of the Forest of Arstotkza to encompass the Town of Clark as Livonian.  


Over the last month the BDR has been laying plans to take back the Town of Clark. Special Forces of the BDR have been amassing on the far end of the trail and have set up a fortified forward operations base with an armored vehicle. 


The BDR have been mounting pressure on the Town of Clark with constant mortar attacks from a position located in the hills on the Arstotkza side of the border. These elements amount to a possible invasion by the BDR in the coming weeks. 


Meanwhile the Town of Clark, which is protected by the ETG have long established a strong position along this vital ridge line to defend the only vehicle entry into the Town of Clark. 

A Garrison of troops has been set up on the outskirts of the town and a checkpoint has been placed on the border to limit access of unauthorized persons. Livonia is part of the World Community Forces and has the protection of allied airpower to halt attacks in this sensitive area.

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MIA#2 Desert Rogue


Following the fall of the Town of Clark to the Black Diamond Rebels (BDR) their occupation has now spread to the wider regions of Livonia. The BDR have secured all but one area of Livonia, that being the desert plains of the Livonian Desert. 


With the Town of Clark under occupation the BDR were able to transport their Surface to Air Missile (SAM) Launchers into Livonia. This will enable defense and security against counter attacks from the World Community Forces led by the ETG. These mobile BDR SAM sites have begun to occupy the Livonian Desert as it is the only accessible flight path for WCF aircraft to enter Livonia airspace. 

The BDR mobile SAM launchers have already shot down an ETG F-16 and are constantly on the move throughout the Lovnian Desert. WCF satellites have failed to locate these SAM sites as they are often hidden in the small wadis of the desert. The only alternative is to send ETG ground forces on a search and destroy mission. 


To complicate matters a Livonian rebel group called LCT (Livonian Capital Terrorists) has revolted against both the ETG & the BDR. LCT is a minority group that has stayed very much dormant in the desert regions of Livonia and has recently engaged BDR troops in the area. 

They are not loyal to any faction. 

MIA#4 The Chatham Offensive

4TH MARCH 2023

The recent conflict with the ETG (Emerald Tactical Group) was a success for the BDR (Black Diamond Rebels) after the ETG failed to destroy the BDR’s air defense systems in the Livonian Desert.

Following this failure, the BDR were able to transport the beginnings of a illegal dirty bomb from the Border near the Forest of Arstotkza, across the Livonian Desert and into the out lying wilderness. The BDR have established a small mobile facility in which it can build and test high yield Dirty Bombs. If construction is completed and initial tests are successful there are rumored plans to have them located in every major city of Livonia as a BDR safeguard against civil unrest and ETG Liberation.   

The Western forces collectively led by the Nato backed ETG (Emerald Tactical Group) recently observed BDR Troop & Vehicle movements in the Wilderness regions. These observed movements combined with recent CIA intelligence by Western spies have reported a suspected location of the BDR activities. The semi open terrain with bordering vegetation is the perfect location for a heavily fortified BDR facility. The ETG satellite was unable to pinpoint the exact locations of the BDR, however local recon elements have pinpointed a massive BDR FOB, with a possible Air Defense Missile System in the area. This must have something to do with the rumored dirty bomb facilities of the BDR. 

An ETG Airstrike of the area has not been approved by the WCF (World Community Forces), due to the area having consistent poor visibility. This makes airstrikes too risky given the close proximity of local villages. The WCF also require proof that any evidence of bomb making facilities by the BDR can be collected by ground forces which in turn allows the BDR to be charged in a WCF Court. 

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MIA#SE Operation Rooster Strike

29TH APRIL 2023

Oh how the might of the Western Forces have fallen into despair!!!
The Western forces collectively led by the ETG (Emerald Tactical Group) sustained substantial losses of troops & morale during the recent Chatham Offensive. Although their attack struck deep into the BDR (Black Diamond Rebels) Command, it was the fall out from the successful test of the BDR Dirty Bomb that rocked the morale of the ETG. 
The human & political fallout from the detonation of the Dirty Bomb signals a new era of concern for the Free World and the BDR’s rule of Livonia threatens all of Eastern Europe.


Having successfully test fired the Dirty Bomb in the forest regions of Livonia, the BDR swiftly transported the sole detonator case away from the forest region. The BDR has plans to build a second detonator case in the coming months to further implement their overall plans to control Livonia. To do this, the sole detonator case was transported by road from the forest area, through the urban areas and back to a BDR Safe House. During the Urban transit phase it was by ‘Stroke of Luck’ that the BDR used a known Terrorist Sleeper Cell to act as their courier. This was the break the ETG desperately needed as Intelligence Agents from the Western forces quickly interjected the Cells communications and traced them back to an industrial farming complex.The small BDR Sleeper Cell were no match for local SWAT units who arrested the 3 person Cell. 

The ETG (Emerald Tactical Group) has scrambled a 16 strong Military squad to the Industrial Farming fringes around the city of Dorbat in Central Livonia. This is to secure the sole detonator and exfil it under military guard back to their base. They must prepare the exfil of the detonator as well as the 3 HVT BDR Cell prisoners. 

The BDR central command has also dispatched a small BDR FAB Squad (Federal Arstotzka Branch) to strike the Industrial complex whilst the ETG are in small numbers and retrieve the detonator & their HVTs back from the Western Forces.  
This dangerous Cat & Mouse game in these built up areas by both factions is a pivotal point in securing the future of this Eastern Europe conflict. It is a race against time for the ETG who are currently on a low,
and need to start the next chapter of the conflict with an advantage & a win. 

MIA#4 Redemption Ridge


The Eastern Forces of the BDR have continued their occupation of Livonia. Western Intelligence sources have uncovered the seizure of a critical Water Supply point by the BDR in a bid to further control Livonian Cities. This BDR out post is nestled on the Western ridgeline of the Molchat Doma Valley & at the base of Mount Doom.

The Western NATO Forces of the ETG are likely to counter this humanitarian threat to the Livonian People by launching a decisive strike against the BDR in this key area. The capture of civilian infrastructure is a growing concern for NATO & the ETG.



The BDR were victorious and so the Battles Continue...

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MIA#5 The Kolechia Resistance


In the shadowy realm of geo-politics, a palpable sense of unease looms over the enigmatic Livonian border as reports reveal a disturbing surge in aggressive behavior by none other than the nefarious BDR. Cloaked in secrecy and operating within the murky depths of illegality, this notorious group has supposedly intensified their unlawful activities, casting an ominous aura over the already tense region.

The fate of nations hangs in balance as this woven web of secrecy unravels - will The ETG prevail unscathed or succumb to the cunning machinations of their mysterious adversary? Only time will reveal the intricate tapestry that binds these secretive entities together in destiny's hands.

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